EasyEFT is an interesting, safe and easy to use method of payment that takes convenience to the next level for South African players. Owned and operated by South Africans (though within the country), the payment system is one of the newest currently available on the market, but as more and more people are starting to use it, it is becoming much more popular, and with good reason. One of the main advantages to using this system is that there is no need to convert from rands to dollars (or any other currency) and vice versa. Considering the volatile nature of the rand at the moment (at the time of writing, the rand was sitting at R16 to the dollar), this is good news.

But there’s more good news as far as EasyEFT is concerned. For one thing, it makes online payments to casinos really easy. How easy you ask? Well, all you need to do in order to make a payment is visit the casino cashier, select EasyEFT and enter the amount you want transferred into your real money account. However, there is a registration process you will need to go through with EasyEFT themselves, but this is quite quick and easy too.

Most casinos that accept South African players will accept EasyEFT payments, but you should take note that there a minimum deposit level of R25 when using this method. Additionally, you may not have to pay any fees at your online casino, but your issuing bank may have a fee structure set up for this payment method. Of course, this is a relatively small price to pay for not having to put your credit card information online but still having access to a quick payment method. EasyEFT is truly one of the safest online payment systems you’re likely to find, and it keeps up with security advancements to ensure that those using it never have to worry.

So why else should you choose to use EasyEFT? Well, besides the fact that it is a quick system in which you don’t have to convert your money to other currencies, it is also really user-friendly. We know that not everyone is great at financial systems and let’s be honest, some payment methods can be really complicated and difficult to use. This is not a problem you’ll have with EasyEFT, since it has been structured to ensure that players who want to use it only need to follow a few steps in order to get their payments through.

True, EasyEFT has not caught on as strongly as many would have hoped in the South African market and there are a number of people who are fully committed to never using anything but their credit cards or ewallet systems. This is a shame as EasyEFT is an alternative payment system that really makes sense, and if people gave it a try, they would more than likely keep using it. If you’re looking for a new payment method that is safe, convenient and that makes online payments hassle free, this is the one to use.

As of writing this article, EasyEFT supports quick and safe online casino deposits and payouts for customers that use either of the 5 big South African banks. These supported banks are as follows: Standard Bank, Nedbank, Absa, First National Bank & Capitec Bank.