Yebo HTML5 Android Casino App


Step 1

Click on link below to Download the APK file in the attachment to your device and click to install it

Step 2

Once prompted that the installation is blocked click the SETTINGS button

Step 3

In the Security page that opens, check the box “Unknown Sources” checkmark

Step 4

You’ll be prompted again to confirm if you’re aware of the risks, click OK

Step 5

After you confirmed, you’ll need to tap the apk file again to initiate the installation, this time you should see the “Install” screen

Step 6

Once it is installed, click sign up/login and start playing For visual on how to download view YouTube link below:


Android devices have been used access mobile casino games for a while now. So what’s new? The HTML 5 platform is the difference. On this platform players will experience real money online casino gaming like never before. No more update downloads and system based delays. This format allows players to enjoy casino games direct on to their browser without any downloads. The game play is just the same as on the desktop versions but just a few simple ‘touches’ easier. Also the games have been modified to fit onto your screen.

Android Phones as Gaming devices

This is an issue that has been thoroughly discussed in all forms of media. Tablets and Phones using the Android operating systems are mobile gaming devices disguised as phones. The very best brands offer superfast Internet connection. The mobile devices have several means of connecting to the internet which include Wi-Fi and Mobile data. They also have large operating memory and crystal clear displays. The evidence does seem to support this conspiracy theory.

HTML5 is the simple solution to turning your Android device into a mobile gaming gadget. Yebo online casino is proud to bring this mobile solution to S.A gamers. It allows players to seamlessly enjoy real money online casino games on their Android powered devices without any download. There are no settings that need to be configured before players can start wagering and winning.

Benefits of Using Android Devices for Gaming

Convenience – By turning your Android device into a gaming device you can enjoy the very best of online casino gaming anywhere any time. The only restriction is Internet access but with the astronomical rate of Internet penetration it too is a disappearing concern.

Real Money Prizes – A taxi ride can suddenly turn into an epic adventure on a progressive jackpot online slot hunting the multi million Rand jackpots. The richest progressive slots are available to players. There are also table games and specialist real money casino games in the portfolio of games that you can play on your Android device

Entertainment – Once you choose this route there will never be another idle moment in your life. There is a wide variety of games to choose from and all of them will keep you deeply engaged in the game play. The real money casino games also entertain through fresh themes and great audiovisual.

Support – There are several ways to contact the casino in the event that you experience a problem. playing real money online casino games on your Android device. These methods include a toll free telephone number that is accessible to players in Mzansi. Players can also contact the casino through email and live chat.

Real Money Android Mobile Casino Gaming at Yebo Casino

When playing for real money at the best online casino remember that all Android devices are not equal. Choosing a high quality Android device that has fast processing speeds, a high resolution visual display and crisp audio output. Remember at the end of the day, they are after all mobile casino GAMES. The games are designed to entertain. A better Android gaming device will ensure that you get entertained as you play for real money.

The HTML5 platform allows the dreamers to go wild dreaming about the next stage of real money online casino gaming. It is undeniable that the future holds interesting prospects for online gaming and particularly online mobile gaming. Yebo casino, the best online casino in South Africa will be here to give you the very best of real money online gaming. Join the best for a front row seat on this trip.