You may have seen people playing craps in movies and on TV. If so, you have probably already figured out that the game is place with two dice. Winning involves players rolling the dice in an effort to get a certain combination. Versions What you may not have known though is that craps was very popular during World War 2, with soldiers spending hours rolling the dice while they waited for orders from their commanders. The game dates much further back though, with the very first versions of it being said to have been played during the Crusades, though there is no written evidence of this.

Learn to Play Craps

Learning how to play craps is simple, though you may have realised that already if you have watched the game being played. Craps rules are based on bets. Players use chips to bet on a table that has a cloth top painted or stitched with numbers in a set format. The players can choose to bet on the outcome of the dice roll in certain ways. When they are the designated roller of the dice, or the “shooter”, they have to place a bet on the “pass” or “don’t pass” line, which are lines that run on the table. Each round comprises a “come out” phase and a “point” phase and shooter has to roll certain numbers in these phases in order for them, and for other players to win.

In the come out phase, rolling a two, three or a 12 is “craps”. Anyone who has placed a bet on the pass line loses if this happens. A roll of seven or 11, however, is called “natural” and anyone who placed a bet on the pass line wins. If the shooter rolls other numbers, from four to 10 (excluding seven), they move onto the “point” phase. In this phase, the point number, that is, the number that was rolled, has to be rolled again before a seven. If the shooter managers to do this, anyone on the pass line wins and the new round is started. However, if the shooter rolls a seven before they manage to repeat their point number, those who bet on the pass line lose and the dice are given to the next person at the table. The process then repeats itself.

If you’re thinking at this point that craps rules seem a little tricky, know that they are not really any more difficult than learning how to drive a car. There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind the first few times you play, but after that point, it starts becoming much easier and much more natural. Many people who join online casino forums state that the game of craps is very difficult to play, however, it may be that they have not given it enough of a chance. When you start to learn how to craps, try playing for free before you bet real money, so that you really give yourself a chance to get into the habit of the game. Once you have a better understanding of it, it will be a lot of fun.

Craps Strategy

Once you have played the game extensively and learned all of the rules, take the time to work on your craps strategy. Craps strategies are based on the way that the players will bet. Of course, you cannot try to strategize regarding how the dice will land, but you may notice while you play that certain patterns in the game tend to repeat themselves. Notice these, and you may be able to give yourself an edge when you play the game of craps. Check out our online craps reviewsubmitted by one of our craps stars in Cape Town. If you are looking for further strategy related information about Craps check out our in depth Craps Strategyarticle.

Craps Casino, brief History and Info

The history of the Craps casino game is not exactly known. What is certain is that games like this have been around since ancient times. What makes it more difficult to trace is that in almost every culture there was some form of dice. In some cultures the dice where used for divination and fortune telling. Other civilisations used the dice in the very same way we use them today. These people of old also used them as method of generating a random result mainly for purposes of gambling.

The most accepted historical account credits the English for developing the game. This was at the turn or the first millennium AD during the crusades. The game they played was known as Hazard. This game made its way to America but soon found its way back to Europe where the French changed aspects of the game play and renamed it Crapaud. This name means frog. It was derived from the squatting position in which the players used to play the game on the side walk.

Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville is regarded as the father of the modern game. He is responsible for bringing the game to New Orleans where it quickly became popular in casinos. The Craps casino game was officially born.

Several individuals and groups participated in coming up with the rules and game play that govern the game. Soldiers during the Second World War added the blanket roll to the game. The name came from the use of blankets as a surface upon which to roll the dice since they did not have hard surfaces to roll on.

John H Winn added the Pass and Don’t Pass bet. This served to eliminate tempering with the dice to lower the house edge. Now the game has made it to Craps casinos online.

Craps Casino Game Play

The Craps casino game is one of the most popular dice games. This game has made several appearances in the biggest blockbuster movies. This is a simple game that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels as long as they have taken time to understand how the game is played.

This game begins with players placing bets. Those betting with the player rolling the dice, the shooter, bet on the Pass Line. Gamblers betting against the shooter in the Craps casino game place bets on the Don’t Pass Line. A roll of the dice with an outcome of 7 or 11 is a win for the pass line bet. An outcome of 2, 3 or 12 is a win for the Don’t Pass bet. Getting such an outcome is known as Craps. If the shooter fails to get a winning roll in this phase which is known as the “come out phase”, the dice move to the next player.

A winning Pass Line roll will advance the game to the next level which is called the point phase. In this phase players will need to get an outcome of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 again before they get an outcome of 7 to win while playing the Craps casino game.

Craps Casino Game Strategies

As previously mentioned there is no way to temper with the dice to influence the outcome of the dice roll. Therefore the only way to improve the chances of winning is to study and understand the Craps casino game rules. Fully comprehending the bets and the payouts offered in the game will help players make bets that are more likely to win.

New players should play the Craps casino game using free credits to gain experience at Yebo Casino. Experience is the key to improving a player’s ability to read the game, this maybe the difference between winning real money and losing everything.