There probably isn’t a person in the country who isn’t aware of Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards and for those who are ready to play online, these are the easiest payment methods to use in order to do it. Not only are they safe, but using a Visa or a MasterCard also comes with a sense of security, since they are trusted by most banks and have a number of safety features in place to stop crime in its tracks.

Wondering how to make a Visa or MasterCard payment at your favourite online casino? It’s as simple as visiting the cashier and clicking the deposit button. In order for the payment to be processed, you’ll need to include your 16-digit card number, which you can find on the front of the card. Additionally, you’ll need to enter the card’s expiration date and the name of the cardholder. Finally, the casino will also you for your CVV code. This is comprised of the three numbers on the back of your card next to the magnetic strip. Entering these numbers is an extra way for the casino to verify that you are who you say you are. Finally, pick the deposit amount and click the deposit button.

As an added security method, both MasterCard and Visa make use of security systems to ensure the payment being made is by the actual cardholder. MasterCard 3DSecure and Verified by Visa are the systems you’ll need to get through, using a verification code that will be sent to you either by SMS or email. Note that you can set up this code through the bank at which you have an account (FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Absa, Capitec or African Bank).

The first time you use your card, the process may be a little longer than the times that follow but this is a measure put in place to keep you safe. Once you have set up your Verified by Visa or 3DSecure, the process for making payments is one of the easiest you’re likely to find and takes just a few minutes. Using your card is one of the fastest payment methods out there. Additionally, because the card is issued by your bank, you won’t need to go through a registration process like you would with an ewallet provider.

Certainly one of the benefits of using a Visa or MasterCard at an online casino is that most casinos will process your withdrawals using the same card. Though they will request an ID from you (which is standard) and you will need to provide a simple form as well as a front and back scan of your card (for security once again), this process is one of the simplest you’ll find and ensures that any money you win comes right back into your bank account. It is important though that you take the time to learn about the processes your casino has in place, so that should you want to cashout, it’s quick and easy.